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The Right Pillow Fill FAQ's

The patented design of The Right Pillow with its upside-down V and subtle tufts is intended to cradle your neck and head, giving you the best support possible whether sleeping on your back, stomach or side.

Yes. The Right Pillow supports any sleep position comfortably- back, stomach or side. Visit The Right Fit Guide to be paired with The Right Pillow for you.

The natural characteristics and breathable nature of both wool and latex are cooling, which means they help regulate body temperature, and actually decrease the likelihood for sleeping hot.

Both the wool and latex fills are amazing, yet offer very different support.

Wool: Firmer, dense, supportive and forms to the shape you want.

Latex Crumbles: Fluffy, doesn't flatten, bunch or sag over time, supportive.

Care and Customization FAQ's

Yes. Follow the Care & Washing instructions.  Because of the natural characteristics of wool and latex, you do not need to wash your pillow unless it there is a spill.

Simply follow the Customizing Instructions:

1. Test it out on your bed. Lay on The Right Pillow. Where do you need more or less support?

2. Place a towel under your pillow to catch any woolies or crumbles that fall out.

3. If necessary, unzip the side zipper and reposition the fill for the loft and support where you need it. Re-zip!

4. Place any extra woolies or crumbles in a bag for safe keeping. As you sleep on your pillow, you may realize that you want more support and will be able to use that extra fill. 

Visit Care & Customization page.

The Right Pillow uses wool and latex fills, which are naturally hypoallergenic. These fills are healthy and inhospitable to the allergens found in goose down.

Many allergies are caused by allergens found in your pillow, such as dust mites, dust mite feces, chemicals, formaldehyde, fungus, and mold spores.  The Right Pillow's wool and latex fills are naturally hypoallergenic and will never have those allergens inside.

The Dream Team is available to answer your questions. Please email us at info@therightpillow.com. We return all inquiries within 48 hours.


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