FAQ's:  How do you know if The Right Pillow is right for you?


From your sleeping position to what fill to choose...Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions!


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  • How long will it take for me to get my pillow?
Each pillow is handmade by our team in Seattle, Washington with sustainably sourced, organic materials and will take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive.
  • Will this pillow work for the position that I sleep in?  

YES!  The Right Pillow supports any sleeping position!  

Back, Side or Stomach:

  • Is this pillow is completely customizable?

YES!  No matter your sleeping position, this pillow can be personalized by YOU for YOU!  

Restoring natural beauty is more than skin deep...

The Right Pillow provides custom support to sleep soundly on your back, side or stomach.  We understand that choosing a pillow can be a difficult decision, so The Right Pillow should be personalized to the firmness and loft that is right for you- by you.  

The Right Pillow is 100% customizable:  Here's how you do it:

  • How do I know which fill to choose?
Both wool bolus and shredded latex are healthy, natural and organic materials that have many health benefits.  The difference is in the feel of the fill:
Wool Bolus: Firmer, dense, cools/regulates body temperature, "cozy", supportive, malleable- will form to the shape you want it in.  Arrives and feels "lumpy" but will contour face, neck and body as you lay on it.
Organic wool pillow
Shredded Latex: Flexible, cools/regulates body temperature, doesn't flatten, bunch or sag over time, supportive, slightly resilient to conform to your body shape during use but stays in place once customized.
Organic latex pillow


  • Why a side zipper?

The side zipper allows you to open up the pillow and move or remove fill to reach the desired thickness, firmness and level of loft for your pillow.  Remember to save any fill you remove, as you may want or need to add some back in as you find your perfect fit.

  •  What do the strings do?
The strings create "tufted wells" or small dips in the pillow that you move fill around to create the desired loft for your head to rest.


  • I am pregnant.  Will this pillow help me?

YES!  Simply use one side of The Right Pillow to support your back and shoulders (as shown above), stopping the urge to roll, toss and turn, helping your body remain on your side throughout the night.  *Mommy Bonus: The pillow works very well for lap feeding once your little love arrives!  (Waterproof covers available in the store!)

  •  How do I care for my new pillow?  Can I wash it?
The Right Pillow-Dreamer- wool bolus fill:
To "clean":  Safety pin the zipper to the cotton cover, to keep closed.  Use mild, unscented laundry detergent.  Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.  Tumble dry NO heat or air dry.  Unpin and rearrange woolies to your desired shape.  If needed, carefully unzip your pillow and reshape to match your preferred contouring.  Use caution if opening zipper, as the woolies are messy when loose!  It is recommended to place your pillow in the sun for 30-60 minutes 4 times a year.  With proper care, The Right Pillow will last for years.
The Right Pillow-Serenity- shredded latex fill:
To "clean":  Place The Right Pillow-Serenity, shredded latex fill, directly in the washing machine and dryer!  Safety pin the zipper to the cotton cover, to keep closed.  Machine wash warm with a gentle, dye and fragrance free laundry soap.  Tumble dry medium heat.  Unpin and rearrange the latex crumbles to your desired shape & contour.  If needed, carefully unzip your pillow and reshape.  Use caution if opening zipper, as latex crumbles are messy when loose!  With proper care, The Right Pillow will last for years.

Have a question and don't see it discussed here?

 Email us:  info@therightpillow.com