Will this pillow work for the position that I sleep in?  

    YES!  The Right Pillow supports any sleeping position!  

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    Is this pillow is completely customizable?

      YES!  No matter your desired loft, this pillow can be personalized by you for you. Remember to save any fill you remove, as you may want or need to add some back in as you find your perfect fit.


      How do I know what fill to choose?
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        Both wool bolus and shredded latex are healthy, natural and organic materials that have many health benefits.  The difference is in the feel of the fill:
        Wool Bolus: Firmer, dense, cools/regulates body temperature, "cozy", supportive, malleable- will form to the shape you want it in.  
        Shredded Latex: Flexible, cools/regulates body temperature, doesn't flatten, bunch or sag over time, supportive, slightly resilient to conform to your body shape during use but stays in place once customized.