"I found this pillow, or maybe it found me. Either way for a person who has had sleep issues over the past 20 years, I now have that missing link. The designer of this pillow cannot truly understand what a positive impact this little creation has made on my life. My mother is going into surgery this week and when she returns home, she will find her little sleep saver on her bed, ready to help her rest comfortably. The only problem with the pillow is that there is not a locking mechanism on it. My husband, my children, and even my little dogs want it for themselves! Thank you for creating such an awesome design."

Ilene M., Florida

"My best girlfriends and I purchased a pillow for our dear friend who is an ER nurse during the COVID-19 crisis, knowing her rest time would be rare but vital to her ability to perform optimally every day. We sent her the kid-sized pillow so she could use it at the hospital it between shifts or whenever she had the opportunity to rest. when she received it, she broke down in tears... she said it is the perfect, most wonderful, and thoughtful gift she could ever have received at such a mentally and physically exhausting time. The Right Pillow is the gift that every hard-working woman (or man!) should receive ♥️"

Carli B., Florida

I’ve always had neck issues because I’m a freelance makeup/hair artist and I’m constantly mistreating my body. I haven’t had an issue, knot in my shoulders, or stiff neck since I started sleeping on The Right Pillow. I tell everyone in my industry about it! I think we tend to sleep on too many pillows. That’s what I've learned. You just need ONE perfect pillow...THE RIGHT PILLOW.

Tarryn Feldman, @tarrynfeldman,


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