Is it really about the money?

February 15, 2020

Is it really about the money?

Let’s be real...Money worries keep us up at night. Money causes stress and anxiety. We collectively share this thinking, on big purchases and small.

In our effort to globally move forward in the space of world preservation, we are far more conscientious about our choices than a decade ago. We ditched plastic straws for paper or pasta. We traded flimsy plastic grocery bags for reusable fabric. Our vehicles are more electric than ever. And without thinking, we spend more on our weekly bill at the market for organic products, trucked in from the local farmer, in favor of a healthier diet.

Pillows are no different! Have you looked at what’s inside yours? For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can own a polyester, formaldehyde-filled pillow from a big box store, that off-gasses harsh chemicals. Yep, the ones that you inhale, 2 inches from your mouth, while you spend thirty percent of your life struggling to get a solid 7-9 hours in the rack. The way these pillows are mass-manufactured, with flame-retardants and the like, will have you back on the hunt to replace that pillow with something more “supportive” for your sleepless nights, in a short amount of time. This routine becomes episodic until you’ve created a pillow convention under your bed.

Investing in rest should be tantamount to our healthier lifestyle. By choosing a customizable, organic pillow, better nights really do mean better days. Research supports that most people keep their pillows for years. Yes, YEARS! Yikes, that chemical-laden pillow is now infected with mold and allergens. And the down pillow, from 30 years ago that you swore you would never get rid of, is chock-full of dust-mite carcasses. Not a feather to be found.

An organic pillow is an investment. Or is it? Choosing the right pillow with organic materials, customizability and a shape that gives you ultimate support is the secret promise to ourselves to be better tomorrow than you were today. With solid rest, comes increased energy, more clarity, improved decision-making, and even more healing. It’s another chance to be a better wife, mom, human. Simply put, a $200 pillow is really just 3 bucks a day for 2 months. So, is it really about the money?

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