Health Benefits

The perfect pillow for the Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper AND the Stomach Sleeper!


Benefits for...ALL Sleepers:

Turns out, the majority of us complain about tossing and turning.  Turns out most of us CAN'T find the right pillow- until now...

 Tossing and Turning

Enough!  Rest. Sleep. Be still.  Allow the comfort and cradling of The Right Pillow to greatly decrease tossing and turning when sleeping.  This pillow is amazing for kids too!  


Tossing and turning searching for a stable, comfortable position?  Left side isn't your natural sleeping position?  Don't want to sleep on allergens, chemicals and outgassing fill?  This pillow supports the shoulders and upper back when turned as an upside-down L for side sleepers. Once the baby comes, use your pillow to sleep on and support your baby during feedings.

The benefits of Back Sleeping:

Better Overall Health

Back sleeping can prevent neck and back pain as it makes it easy for your head, neck, and spine to maintain a neutral position. Back sleeping reduces acid reflux, decreases lower back pain, minimizes wrinkles and can aid in maintaining perky breasts. Researchers have linked poor sleep to a number of health ailments, from short-term memory loss and behavioral problems, to weight gain and diabetes. The Right Pillow provides you better sleep and a better chance for overall wellness.

Wrinkle Prevention

Sleeping on your side or stomach every night puts incredible pressure on your face, neck and chest. Crush lines and wrinkles form as a result. The Right Pillow will keep you on your back, reducing the appearance of crush lines and wrinkles.

Pre-Op Preparation

The Right Pillow can be used in preparation for a surgical procedure, encouraging improved circulation and better health.

Post-Op Benefits

More comfort. Less pain. Quicker recovery experience.

It is said that the body is in trauma for up to 6 weeks after a surgical procedure.  The Right Pillow can be used to facilitate faster healing time post surgery.  The Right Pillow will gently resist your body's natural tendency to roll or turn to your side while sleeping, greatly reducing waking in pain from in-sleep movements.  The Right Pillow cradles your head, neck and shoulders keeping you in place so you don't have to fight multiple pillows, blankets and other things propped around you. Better rest means your body can recover quicker.

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