The Rowan

$ 2,660.00

The Rowan

For those looking for a mattress that is soft and contouring, but doesn't have the cloudiness of thick wool, the Rowan organic latex mattress is the perfect choice. The latex topper of the Rowan mattress conforms to the body without feeling too swimmy or fluffy and the deeply supportive latex below holds the body aloft, aligning the shoulders, hips and spine. With dense lower layer of latex and softer latex on top, the Rowan has a sumptuous and springy feel.

We are proud that our latex mattresses are made with the only Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified latex in the world.

All of The Right Pillow's Signature Organic Latex Mattresses have a 20 Year Warranty.

The Rowan Collection Includes:

  • Organic Latex Mattress
  • Organic Latex Mattress Topper
  • Organic Wool Mattress Pad


  • 100% organic and chemical free
  • Available in standard firm or extra firm options
  • Naturally body temperature regulating for a cool night's sleep
  • 20 year warranty

Layered Comfort

Our mattresses are layered, and they're layered for a reason. The purpose of a mattress is to provide you with an incredibly relaxing, restorative— and most important—comfortable night's rest. To achieve this, our skilled mattress makers use a variety of materials designed for different functions; support, softness, spine alignment, protection.

Other manufacturers combine all these pieces into a single unit, necessitating compromise. Compromise on comfort; on proper back, neck, and hip support; and on suitable care. With these mattresses either the entire bed needs to be flipped, which is ungainly and difficult, or the bed can't be flipped, which will accelerate compression, deterioration, and replacement.

Our mattresses are designed in layers, each separate piece with the exact materials uniquely suited for their function. Each piece can be cared for separately, making you mattress a long lasting investment in your good health and happiness.