Why The Shape? April 24 2017

What does the shape of The Right Pillow have to do with sleep?

Sometimes we are asked “Why the shape of the pillow?!” and the answer is simple and why we reinvented the pillow: Less Tossing and Turning.

If you toss and turn like most people do, you probably readjust your pillow to the repositioning of your head and neck each time you roll.  That interrupts sleep and that is a problem.  When we designed our now patented pillow, we wanted to decrease tossing and turning during the night, allowing you to sleep sounder and stay still longer. 

The 3 tufting wells and shape allow you to find the perfect level of support around your head, neck and shoulders.  The “arms” of the pillow gently hug your shoulders, resisting the body’s natural urge to roll while sleeping.  We affectionately call this the “hug zone”.  If you like to snuggle the pillow while on your side, simply use the far left well, hugging the pillow in front. 

If you are a side sleeper, but toss and turn, put your head in the far right well and allow the pillow to gently support you along your back.  Back sleeping, one of the most difficult positions to get used to, is made easy; when you place your head in the middle and let the arms cradle your shoulders in the hug zone you stay in place longer, if not throughout the night.

The shape of better, sounder sleep!

The bottom line- calmer, stiller sleep means deeper, more restful sleep for a lot of us and the feedback from our Sleepers supports just this!  Let them tell you- read real testimonials!