3 Tips for Your Best Night's Sleep October 09 2015

We are all searching high and low for that "thing" that can make our night's sleep the best we can get.  Here are 3 Tips to help you create your best night's sleep:

Clear the mind:    

  • Go for a walk or work out for 30 minutes each day, meditate, journal, pray, yoga, make lists...Things to avoid:  TV, surfing the internet, playing video games- all of these things "stimulate" the mind and will cause you more awake time.
    Create a "sleepy" environment: 
      • Room Temperature:  It is recommended to keep the temp between 65-72 degrees, but adjust based on your comfort.
      • Light:  Stop it with the "glow"!  Make your bedroom a digital device-free zone!  The ambient glow is actually causing more problems than you think.  Another way to ensure better sleep is to provide window coverings that keep light out at night.  Light in our bedroom at night causes the body to delay the release of "sleep hormones" and keep us in the awake state, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
      • Scents:  Avoid artificial and chemical "air fresheners".  These chemical compounds can cause headaches, migraines, nausea, allergies, and- you guessed it- sleeplessness.  Use natural essential oils to create a healthy aroma therapy experience; diffuser, sprays and oils are easy ways to incorporate healthier and organic alternatives.
      Healthier Sleep Essentials:
        • Bed:  There are some fantastic organic, healthy and "melt into bed" comfortable mattresses are out there that last longer than 8 years, don't off-gas and remain hypoallergenic for their entire lifespan.
        • Linens:  This is an easy one...If it feels good to you, use it!  Organic linens are the best for your health, so try to always buy organic.  Marci Zaroff, the CEO and Founder of Under the Canopy, (their organic bedding line is available at Macys.com) is working hard to change the negative effects the textile industries have on our health and environment with organic and affordable bedding sets!
        • Pillow:  This is not always as simple as comfort.  There is more to your pillow than you probably think.  Do you wake up with a frog in your throat?  Dark circles under your eyes?  Sniffles?  These are all symptoms of air-borne allergies, likely caused by your pillow...or rather- what is INSIDE your pillow.  

        Night time is your time to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.  Clear your mind, create a room that appeals to your senses and gives your body a healthy environment to recharge in!  

        What do you do to help yourself have your best night's sleep?