Work of Heart February 03 2016

I recently found myself at a crossroads with an abrupt moment of truth. With the launch of The Right Pillow, I've come to realize that next to designing and creating the healthiest organic pillow available, there is a movement of change beyond sleep that is happening. Heart hunting....

Contrary to how other organizations and companies are run, The Right Pillow is heart-focused. The business was created with the idea that we would leave a small footprint, affect as few natural resources as possible, employ Americans and hopefully do our part in keeping landfills freer of chemicals and waste. Our loftiest goal is to inspire movement to healthier sleep for anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves. Our mission, to show our children that it is not only possible to leave the planet better than when we arrived, it is mandatory.

Finding heart in what you do and say and how it makes people feel has lasting energy and a ripple effect greater than any imaginable comprehension. Heart is in The Right Pillow logo but it's heart that makes the company go and grow.

#heartlife, #everydayhearts and #hearthunter is how we talk to people socially. We are continuously put in the path of hearts, natural hearts, hearts in nature (rocks, tree knots, shadows, freckles and veggies) and even photos of hearts handed to us by complete strangers. We are in awe of all who have found a heart and had the guts to share it with us, so that we could post it for others to remark at.

Work of heart is a calling. And it's never really work when it comes from your heart. Feel our energy, share your heart. #heartlife #TRPTribe

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