Our Mission:  To improve your journey  for a great night's sleep by revolutionizing sleep essentials.    

The Right Pillow's Patented design creates the best, most restful night's sleep ever.  


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"If you want a healthy, organic alternative, The Right Pillow is a great choice."
9 Luxurious Bed Pillows to Get the Best Sleep Ever
Reader's Digest
"This has dramatically taken away the puffs under my eyes!"
Beauty Resolutions for the New Year
WPTV NBC West Palm Beach - January 03, 2017
"This pillow helps you not toss and turn because it prevents you from moving while you're sleeping."
November Favorites!
Beauty News with Angela Cruz
"Now that's something to dream about."
Pillow Talk
Palm Beach Illustrated
"The passion behind these ladies made me immediately stamp them as my new friends..."
Pillow Talk with Lacy and Chrissy
Change Your Life With Beauty - April 05, 2016
"What I love about this pillow is that it truly encompasses your entire neck region and, being a side sleeper, I can easily toss over and not have to pull my pillow closer in, but that the pillow is already there, ready for that turn."
The Right Pillow
Fierce Forward - January 22, 2016
"Everything you wanted to know about pillows but were afraid to ask! Chrissy and Lacy discuss what makes their Right Pillow the right pillow for you!"
The Right Pillow
Talkzone: Up To The Minute With Nicole - January 22, 2016
"Getting a good night's sleep is priceless. And, the 'Right Pillow' is definitely the key for getting a good night sleep."
Wish List Wednesday
NS Lifestyles - September 30, 2015
"So, is your pillow making you or your kids sick?"
Is Your Pillow Making You Sick?
NuVista Living - December 01, 2015
"Quite a powerful testimonial."
Time to take out "The Garbage"
Mrs. Greens World - July 17, 2015
"The reusability, washability and longevity of the pillow means less waste in the landfills, less expense for disposal and much happier and healthier post-op patients."
New, Reusable Pillow Available
OR Today - September 01, 2015
"Get a better night's sleep with The Right Pillow."
Cool Outrageous Stuff
Green Living AZ - July 01, 2015
Reader's Digest 'Best Organic Pillow'
Lacy Larson
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